5 Savvy (And Fun!) Things to do with the Family When the Power is Out

We just read that the power should be returning to New York City residents by this weekend (hallelujah!). And while the London Times office is starting to get back to normal, many of us are still without electricity back at home. So we decided to get savvy (as always) and come up with a few creative ways to keep our families occupied during these last few days in the dark (because the stir-craziness has definitely set in for many). We hope you are all staying safe! We cannot wait for the LT team to be here and fully back in action by next week. Here’s what to do until then:

1. Get Literary. Playing Words With Friends on your iPhone may not be the best idea when it comes to conserving battery power. You can, however, flex those creative muscles with a pen and paper by making up your own Mad Libs. Take turns switching and filling in each other’s stories, then read them out loud to the entire family. You’re bound to finally break out a few giggles.

2. Pamper Yourself. Now is the time to play around with all of those DIY Beauty ideas you’ve been meaning to try. Nail art is an obvious option, but there are also plenty of facial masks to experiment with. If it’s during the day, try coming up with a cool new hair or makeup look that you would never have time to perfect on a regular schedule (or try it out on one of your budding fashionistas). And if those don’t work, you could always go for a relaxing bubble bath, right?

3. Become a Mad Scientist. Remember all of those classic kitchen experiments you used to do as a kid? (Come on, you cannot forget the egg in a bottle one!) Break them out again with your children – you’d be amazed what one can do with a little food coloring and H2O.

4. And While You’re in the Kitchen… Why not bake a bunch of cupcakes or cookies and bring them over to all of your neighbors? Or pretend you’re on a camping trip and roast marshmallows over the stove. For added authenticity, build a tent in your living room and eat them in there while telling each other ghost stories.

5. Break Out the Scissors and Glue And cut up all of those magazines lying around your house (after reading them, of course). We used to love making creative collages when we were younger. Also, we know you still have those cootie catcher making skills from the 7th grade. Make one and try telling each other’s fortunes, or guessing each other’s secret crushes…

Staying safe from Sandy but still want to help out New York City? Here’s are some great ways to make a difference towards getting our city going again!


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