Rich Fall Recipes

Inspired by the vibrant jewel tones of the LT dresses in our fall collection, we decided to test this colorful concept in the kitchen. Read below for our steps to mixing the perfect oxblood-colored frosting (and others!) as well as our very own cinnamon apple cider recipe.

We had fun taking a walk down memory lane to elementary art class by mixing our favorite frosting colors with basic food coloring. Here are the ratios you need in order to make a treasure box of jewel tone cupcakes:

Oxblood – 3 parts Red : 1 part Blue
Sapphire  – 4 parts Blue : 1 part Green
Amethyst – 1 part Red : 1 part Blue

To make our world-famous (okay maybe not, but at least we like to think so) apple cider, you’ll need the above ingredients along with an orange, a small crock pot (we made 2 quarts, which serves about four) and a little bit of sugar.

Step 1: Layer the bottom of your crock pot with about two orange slices and two cinnamon sticks.

Step 2: Fill crock pot about 3/4 with apple cider.  Add remaining orange slices and another cinnamon stick.

Step 3: Fill to the top with an apple-flavored vodka (optional). Cover and let simmer on high until boiling, then cook on low for about 15 minutes.

Step 4: While the drink is heating up, mix together cinnamon and sugar on a plate. Take glass cups and dip into top of the cider to wet, then dip into plate to create a cinnamon-sugar ring along the glass. Fill cups and you’re ready to serve!


3 responses to “Rich Fall Recipes

  1. I need to make that cider, and i love the idea of a cinnamon rimmed glass – so clever!

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