October Originals: 3 LT-Inspired Pumpkin DIY’s You Have to Try

Fall is our favorite season here at London Times, probably because there are so many excuses to roll up our sleeves and try a bunch of festive DIY projects. We’ve gotten so into the (savvy) holiday spirit, that for the entire month, we’ll be introducing you to different ways to get crafty inspired by none other than our very own dresses.

Pumpkins were our first matter of business, so read below to learn how to paint not one, not two, but three gorgeous renditions that are sure to make a statement in the neighborhood.

To put a spin on your typical spooky jack-o-lantern, we took a cue from our Metallic Mesh Dress. The first step is to grab that paint brush and go all out with the black acrylic. For the full effect, don’t be afraid to add a few layers until it is opaque.

Next, grab a paper towel or napkin and dab silver, metallic paint all over the surface – you don’t have to wait for the first layer to dry, by the way!

To mimic the chevron pattern in our Flame Stitch Dress, begin by cutting the painter’s tape into about 3 inch strips and arranging them on your pumpkin in zigzags.

Fill in all of the open space with the purple paint.

Carefully remove painter’s tape.

Fill in remaining space with red paint.

Drawing from the abstract print on the Jersey Faux Wrap, we decided to flex our artistic muscles with the final pumpkin.

Start by spaciously sponge painting with the green and yellow acrylic.

Continue to layer on the paint until opaque, add in a little black for a more dramatic effect at the end.

And… ta-da!


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