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Behind the Scenes at Our Holiday Shoot

Thankfully, the LT office is up and running again today. Everyone here has stayed safe from Sandy and now we’re just hoping to (slowly) ease back into a little normalcy again. So we thought it would be a fun idea to share with you some of our behind the scenes photos of last week’s Holiday shoot…

We kicked off the morning bright and early down in Tribeca with all of the dresses lined up and ready to go.

These are our bright and bold inspiration boards along with the run of dresses for the day.

Working it with our modern props – can’t wait to see the final images on these.

Catching our photographer hard at work!

This dress takes a classic shape and wraps in all of the trends: lace, color blocking, black and white (we could go on…)

It wouldn’t be a holiday shoot without some presents, right?

Wrapping up in front of “the wall” – which, by the way, we made ourselves. Good thing we’ve been working on our DIY skills lately!

Keep an eye out on the site for the debut of our holiday collection. We can’t wait for you to see it!


An Easy Fall Mani You Can Do In Minutes

We’ve already put our DIY skills to the test for the month of October with pumpkin painting and fall recipes. This week, we wanted to push ourselves even further and figure out how to do a mani with one of our favorite prints on London Times right now – the Fair Isle. To be honest, it took a little testing and research to figure out how to get this one just right, but in the end, our savvy team found a simple solution. See how we did it below!

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Trick or Chic with LT: The Stylish Sleuth

If you’re a Halloween procrastinator, right about now you’re probably considering rummaging through your closet to put together a last-minute costume for that party you have to go to on Friday night. Lucky for you, that’s exactly what we’re doing too, and we’ve happened to come up with a pretty good idea if we don’t say so ourselves:

We can’t believe we hadn’t thought of this sooner, but one of fall’s most popular prints (houndstooth!) also doubles as a fabulously chic detective costume when it’s done in a dress. Pair it with a trench, a wide-brimmed hat and some wedge booties to pull together the look. Find yourself a magnifying glass and if you really feel like going all out, a quirky tie-necklace. And it looks like you’re set, Nancy Drew!

Rich Fall Recipes

Inspired by the vibrant jewel tones of the LT dresses in our fall collection, we decided to test this colorful concept in the kitchen. Read below for our steps to mixing the perfect oxblood-colored frosting (and others!) as well as our very own cinnamon apple cider recipe.

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Trick or Chic with LT: Silver Screen Starlet

We’ve already decided that store bought costumes are out of the question this year for Halloween. So here at the London Times office, we’ve been flexing our creative muscles to come up with costumes whose pieces can be worn on the 31st and beyond. This week we’re channeling the glitz and glamour of stars like Bette Davis, Greta Garbo and Jean Harlow by putting together an ensemble straight from the Old Hollywood silver screen itself:

All it takes is a classic dress (like the LT Satin and Jersey) and a few key 1920’s-inspired accessories. Grab a fur stole, a vintage hat, some beaded baubles and an Art Deco embellished heel (all of which are going to be widely on trend thanks to the much anticipated release of The Great Gatsby, by the way). If you really feel like going all-out with DIY aspect of this costume, take a look at this makeup tutorial which will have you literally looking like you’re in a black and white film all night.

October Originals: 3 LT-Inspired Pumpkin DIY’s You Have to Try

Fall is our favorite season here at London Times, probably because there are so many excuses to roll up our sleeves and try a bunch of festive DIY projects. We’ve gotten so into the (savvy) holiday spirit, that for the entire month, we’ll be introducing you to different ways to get crafty inspired by none other than our very own dresses.

Pumpkins were our first matter of business, so read below to learn how to paint not one, not two, but three gorgeous renditions that are sure to make a statement in the neighborhood.

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Trick-Or-Chic with LT: Masquerade Madness

As tempting as purchasing a one-time wear, polyester Halloween costume (yet again) sounds, we think we’re going to pass this year. Being the savvy stylistas that we are at London Times, finding a look that can be worn on the 31st and beyond is a challenge we’re willing to take on. Our first trick-or-chic piece involves turning the Dot Mesh Dress (a classic LBD that can practically be donned 365 days a year) into a disguise fit for a modern-day masquerader:

The great thing about this costume is that it takes virtually no time to put together and basically everything can be worn again. Since the black dress is nice and simple, you can really go all-out  with those DIY skills on the mask – try glitter, plumes, rhinestones, the works! Give it a modern look with bold, metallic accessories like a brocade blazer (which, by the way is a cool statement piece for fall), a bejewled necklace and shiny shoes.