LT Real Style: 5 Minutes With Megan of Chasing Davies

Here at London Times, we get a little excited when we find the shining emblem of a savvy shopper. Scrolling through Megan’s blog, Chasing Davies, one forgets that aside from looking fabulous 24/7 (without breaking the bank, mind you) she’s also a mother with a day job. To get a taste of how she does it, we sent Megan along some of our most pressing questions. And believe us, she has some great tips and tricks up that fashionable little sleeve. Just read on to see what she had to say…

LT: You’re always finding great products at great prices on your blog – any shopping secrets you want to share? Do you spend a lot of time scouting them out or do you find them easily?
Megan: I use the internet (and Google) as my personal shopper!  I always check around for the same or similar products for less before buying! If there is something from a specific store I’m loving, I try to wait for it to go on sale or catch it on a promotion. When I have more time, I like to hit stores like TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, thrift shores, etc for discounted items!

LT: What’s your process like for planning outfits for bigger events (weddings, parties, etc.)?
Megan: I usually think about what I’m going to wear to these types of events more in advance than what I wear to work/daily life. I first start by looking in my own closet for things I already own and maybe haven’t worn in awhile or switch up the look of something with accessories before going off to buy something new. I like to know what I’m going to wear to an event at least a few days in advanced to avoid any last minute stresses.

LT: Fit is a very important element for women when it comes to getting dressed and you seem to have this perfected. How do you go about choosing pieces that flatter your body type? Do you have any go-to’s?
This is a work in progress for me! I think I’m still figuring it out and having to re-figure it out a bit as my body changed after having a baby.  I sometimes have to avoid trends (as appealing they might be) because they don’t suit my body and/or lifestyle, like mini-skirts. Having a fashion blog also helps me come to terms with these things after looking back on posts and realizing my mistakes. It’s all about trial and error and eventually your own personal style will shine through!

Megan looking perfectly polished in her London Times dress.

LT: You seem super busy (with blogging on top of a day job and being a mom!). Do you have any advice for other women like you who still want to maintain a well-articulated sense of style on top of a million other things?
Megan: I think these days there is a lot of stress on women to do it all.  Women should be the perfect mothers who run the household, cook, clean and then also hold down a job!  Thankfully I have a great husband who is an active father and together we realize our limitations and get help where needed.  In addition to that, two of my personal strengths are multi-tasking and time management which helps me fit a lot in, however, that comes with not getting enough sleep, which I’m trying to be better about.  So there are definitely gives and takes, but it’s very possible to stay stylish on top of it all. My advice is simple:

– Don’t be too hard on yourself. You won’t look perfect or fashionable everyday, and those are they days to just fall back on a simple style staple that looks good on you (like jeans for your body, a classic button up shirt and ballet flats).

– Don’t fall for every trend. Being a mom doesn’t mean you can’t be trendy, but it does have it’s limitations (sky high heels to the party? probably not).

– Wear what makes you happy AND feels comfortable for your routine. That doesn’t mean sweats, but a long flowy skirt and tucked in top with flats can get you a long way.

– You can still follow trends or new things as a mom. Try mixing colors you wouldn’t normally pair together or incorporating the latest shade into your outfit to feel on trend.

Finally, something I do to help me save time finding outfits: When I do have the time and am feeling inspired (this might only happen once a month), I take that opportunity to hit my closet and put together outfits. I hang them together in the middle of my closet so in the mornings I have something to choose from if I’m short on time!

LT: And last but not least, if you had to splurge on any one item for fall, what would it be? Probably a great fitting jacket that I can layer with and wear over button ups, dresses, with skirts, jeans and everything!  I have my eye on a grey one with a little peplum to it.

For more of Megan, follow her on Twitter @ChasingDavies


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