5 for 5: Fiesta Frocks and Tasty Recipes for Your End of Summer Soiree

Still haven’t found the time for that chic little backyard barbecue you’ve been meaning to throw? Summer isn’t over yet – but may I remind you that the time for sleeveless frocks and fresh fruit salads is quickly slipping away. Don’t fret though, not only do I have five fabulous, printed dress options for the hostess with the mostess, but also, the delicious, colorful recipes to serve at your soiree:


1. The Deco Zig Zag Dress is one of those styles that’s bold, but not too desperate for attention either. To go with, you need an equally low-key dish that will still serve to impress – hello, fried fish tacos.

2. This flirty, flowing Chiffon Dress is perfect for at dusk. Get your guests swinging with these limoncello and prosecco cocktails.

3. Regal enough for an exotic queen, the Brazilian Border Maxi is sure to liven up any get-together. Go royal with your menu too and try a grilled panzanella salad – no one will know it only took about ten minutes to whip up!

4. Aye, aye aye the Kaleidescope Prism Jersey is a party in itself! A guacamole bruschetta is all you need to make the event a blowout.

5. The Sundial Jersey Maxi looks will bring along a burst of energy when you walk into a room. Serve these adorable phyllo fruit cups with it and you’re bound to be the life of the party.


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